Tuesday, 12 December 2000

Extremists exposed?

Yes, you read it first in Scotland on Sunday, UNISONScotland is riven with extremists in the strangest quarters.

On 10 December, SoS produced a cracking article that almost collided with facts on a couple of occasions. Yes, they spelled the names right - but that's where it stopped.

So who are these extremists uncovered by the intrepid broadsheet?

Extremist No 1. Gerry Crawley (Glasgow Organiser according to SoS, but really a mild-mannered treasurer). Gerry was last seen proving his extremist credentials by complaining about SWP placards on a pay rally. Clearly a ploy to mislead SoS.

Extremist No 2: Donald Shiach (SoS thinks he's in Highland Branch which will come as a shock to them, and indeed to UNISON Secretary Matt Smith. Yes, Donald is in fact a full time officer). SoS may have something though. We've found this photo of Donald with his Guevarra look a few years ago.

Extremist No 3: SiU editor John Stevenson for whom SoS has created the new post of 'Edinburgh Communication Director' (wonder what the salary is? - ed). "I'm flattered", said John. "Let the hard left slag me now, I've got street cred at last".

But surely the best quote came from Morag Stevenson. "It's not April fool's day is it?", she asked.

Seriously though, is it not pathetic that a newspaper that claims to be Scotland's quality Sunday can print such off the wall tripe.

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