Saturday, 26 March 2011

We can achieve anything acting together

We can achieve anything if we act together like this, said one marcher today as hundreds of thousands march through London. Here we report on the march at Piccadilly, with the huge UNISON contingent still passing after at least an hour.

One reported police estimate is that 400,000 are marching. Even the Daily Mail is owning up to 250,000 in the biggest trade union demonstration in a generation.

A huge sea of purple and green UNISON banners, flags and placards are packing London’s streets to the deafening sound of UNISON vuvuzelas in a massive show of solidarity and resolve to save our public services and welfare state from the most savage attacks they have ever seen.

How do you describe the atmosphere? Electric. Moving. Vibrant. People from all walks of life revelling in the energy as working people stand up and say enough is enough.

Smiling, greeting, hugging, marching together to show there is an alternative. Spotting ex UNISON General Secretaries and Presidents marching with the host of banners from Highland to Somerset and further afield as they snake past Parliament, past No 10 and through Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly to the massive rally in Hyde Park.

Togetherness. Community. Acting together. All those things that those who attack our jobs and services despise.

This is the real Big Society. The people who deliver our public services and the people who rely on them. Standing together against greed and for fairness. Backed by the wider public in a poll. We are the majority!

An inspiring day. Hopefully a signal to workers and public alike that we can change things if we act together. We can do anything if we act together.

Pay attention Cameron and Clegg. This is just the start.

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