Thursday, 23 January 2014


Serves 24 in small portions

Approx 2k /4-6lb raspberries or mixed berries

100 fl oz/ 4 pint double cream

8 tablespoons good quality honey

8 tablespoons single malt whisky.

450g or 15 oz of pinhead oatmeal.

1. Place the oatmeal in a cool, dry pan and turn on the heat to simmer. Stirring occasionally, toast the oatmeal until it is golden brown. This process could take between 10-20 minutes. Let it cool.

2. Once the oatmeal is brown, turn off the heat and
let it cool in the pan.

3. Place the cream in a bowl and whisk up until soft and relatively thick.

4. Add the honey and single malt whisky and half the oatmeal and fold it in with a whisk, until it is soft and creamy.

5. Pick out some of the best raspberries for decoration and add three or four to the bottom of each serving glass, leaving a few for final decoration.

6. Add the rest of the raspberries to the cream mixture and fold in carefully, breaking up a few of the raspberries to obtain a slight colouring to the cream.

7. Spoon the mixture into the serving glasses, then add cream to the top to make an even base for the oatmeal.

8. Evenly sprinkle the oatmeal over the dessert. Add a raspberry for the finishing touch and chill for about three hours, or overnight

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